Sigmadrive homokinetic coupling

A highly innovative coupling/transmission, SigmaDrive is a constant velocity coupling that acts as a coupling and thrust bearing, allowing it to operate with a 6° misalignment (3° in all directions) and therefore considerably reducing the noise and vibration transmitted to the hull.

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In the course of their life, the components of a propulsion system can take on a certain amount of alignment play due to several phenomena, such as the ageing of elastic suspensions. It is also difficult to achieve perfect alignment, especially over time.


Capable of absorbing very high powers, SigmaDrive is suitable as standard for motors up to 1300hp for shaft diameters from 25mm to 90mm. On request, versions for more powerful motors are possible.

  • Lifetime lubrication: no maintenance, no need for bearings

  • No rubber: materials selected for marine environments

  • Perfect alignment (6° tolerance): also suitable for V-Drive. Once installed, the shaft is always in line with seals and bearings, which extends the life of the components

  • Easy and quick to install without modifying the propeller shaft, SigmaDrive is compact and comparable in size to standard couplings. Alignment problems are eliminated

  • Reduces/eliminates up to 80% of vibration and motion transmitted through the propulsion system

  • Airborne noise reduced by up to 50%.

  • Better comfort.

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