Transportable hyperbaric chambers SOS Group

The SOS Group provides life-saving solutions and is a leader in transportable lightweight hyperbaric chamber technologies.

We have 3 types of chambers:

  • Hyperlite 1
  • Hyperlite SL3
  • Hypertlite DL5


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The Hyperlite 1 is the world leading portable hyperbaric chamber and the only internationally approved non-metallic chamber capable of any 100% Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Key features include:

  • All 100% (hyperbaric) oxygen treatments
  • Transfer-Under-Pressure at altitude
  • Human lift (4-6 personnel)
  • Rapid Transportation including parachute delivery
  • Treatment pressure of up to 2.3 Bar/3.3 ATA

The Hyperlite SL3 is an ASME PVHO-1 Case 18 Compliant, lightweight single-lock hyperbaric chamber designed for multiple occupants. The system utilises SOS Group patented flexible braided tube technology in a single fold-out case.

  • Multiple Occupant, Single Lock System
  • Suitable for Hands-on Medical Attention
  • Lightweight and Modular for Rapid Mobilisation
  • Designed for MIlitary Scenarios including bullet impact
  • Treatment Pressures of 3 or 5 Bar

The Hyperlite DL5 is the only ASME PVHO-1 Case 18 compliant, foldable, modular, lightweight double-lock hyperbaric chamber designed for use in challenging military environments, such as military diving operations or submarine escape & rescue.

  • Multiple Occupant, Double-Lock System
  • Suitable for Hands-on Medical Attention
  • Tested for military scenarios, including gunshot
  • Lightweight & Modular for rapid mobilisation
  • Treatment Pressures of Up To 5 Bar/6 ATA