Hydro Group underwater connections: solutions for MRE

Hydro Group’s connectivity is designed to withstand the harshest environments, including sea salt, solar radiation, hurricanes, strong currents and wave movements.

These factors significantly affect the stresses placed on subsea systems, and all Hydro Group cables and connectors are designed and manufactured for flexibility and environmental endurance.

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Customized solutions

All products offered are developed in-house by the Hydro Group R&D office, which includes a team of electrical, mechanical, production, optical and 3D DTP engineers.

Hydro Group typically offers custom solutions, and if your solution is not already on our website, Hydro Group can design an entirely new product or adapt a proven product to suit your application.

Hydro Group works closely with major companies involved in renewable energy to provide cable and connector ranges suitable for power transmission and export from a marine environment.

Hydro Group designs and manufactures solutions up to 36KV with fiber optic connections.

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Marine Renewable Energy: Connectors

Hazardous sea conditions can delay or make offshore installations very difficult, but the design of the new Deck-Mate dry plug connectors can reduce barge installation time from weeks to as little as twelve hours!

Hydro Group also offers cable terminations that allow cables and their terminations to be tested under power and converted to connectors later.



Tidal energy: connection boxes

The marine renewable energy industry poses new problems in the collection of performance and control information from a transformer to the coast.

Hydro Group proposes for this purpose a junction box adapted for medium and high voltages and connected in optical fiber for different diameters according to the demand and the applications.

MRE: cables

Hydro Group works closely with the most important international groups involved in renewable energies for very robust submarine cable solutions for tidal and wave power distribution.

Hydro Group currently offers cable and fiber optic solutions up to 36KV specifically for marine renewable energy.

Hydro Group’s three-phase umbilicals from 6KV to 36KV with fiber optic connectivity and HRC connectors allow power and data transmission from buoy converters and seabed transformers.

These solutions are designed specifically for endurance and are capable of withstanding the harshest conditions such as sea salt, solar radiation, hurricanes, large currents and wave movements.


EMR : Cable Terminations


  • Design and manufacturing
  • Flexibility and bend retention
  • Power Terminations
  • 6KV – 36KV connectors
  • Fiber optic data terminations Dry interior
  • On-site support