Tailor-made hoisting solutions Kito Van Leusden

KITO Van Leusden B.V. is a specialised manufacturer and designer of high-quality special hoisting equipment such as custom-made cranes, trolleys, and hoists suitable for extreme conditions.

Wenex is Van Leusden’s agent for all customized solutions, especially for marine, offshore and ATEX applications.

The product range includes manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic driven lifting solutions with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 100 tons. Van Leusden develops, designs, manufactures and tests all its cranes and trolleys in-house, setting high standards for safety, durability, tracking and traceability.

Van Leusden B.V. is ISO9001 certified and is used to working with all reputable certification institutes such as ABS, DNV, BV, Lloyds and RMRS to deliver high quality, safe and customized lifting equipment.


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Here are some examples of the assemblies and components that allow us to offer customized solutions:


  • Cranes in Engine rooms and Pump rooms in various models onboard of maritime vessels.
  • Cranes for Offshore platforms and FPSO vessel or FPU installations.
  • Cranes for onboard of navy vessels.
  • Explosion proof cranes for applications in oil & gas industry. Special custom designed cranes for industrial applications.
  • Cranes for extreme outdoor applications.
  • Compact design cranes, low headroom, critical hook path and hoisting areas.



Chariots HD3C (Heavy duty)

  • Jusqu’à 100 tonnes de charge utile.
  • Poussée, transmission manuelle, électrique, pneumatique.
  • Chariots à poutre pivotante pour les petites grues.
  • Chariots articulés pour rails monorails courbes.
  • Chariots à pignon et crémaillère pour applications maritimes.
  • Exécutions pour le transport de personnes EN1808.
  • Chariots anti-corrosion et/ou chariots anti-déflagrants (ATEX).
  • Modèles offshore et maritimes, avec peinture spéciale ou caractéristiques de sécurité. Chariots en acier inoxydable.

Manual Cranes, Crane Kits, Small crane applications

  • Manual driven cranes in underslung (suspended) or top running type (overhead).
  • Trolley beams for small crane applications.
  • Rack & Pinion driven manual cranes for maritime applications.
  • Special surface coating systems.
  • Custom designed, low headroom, double girder.

Explosion proof / heavy duty custom made hand chain hoists and trolleys

  • ATEX Class EX II 2G c IIB & IIC T3 Zone 1 and Zone 2.
  • Hoist and Trolley combinations as standard Headroom, Low Headroom and Ultra low headroom. Stainless steel load- and hand chain.
  • Heavy duty – Offshore suitable execution.
  • Pneumatic – electric – manual driven.
  • Up to 32 tons safe working load and higher in custom design.

Other examples of custom-made projects: