Autoprop with self-adjusting pitch by bruntons propellers

The Autoprop is the only propeller on the market with a self-varying pitch, i.e. it changes its pitch by itself according to the sailing conditions (engine speed, boat speed).

You will get:

  • a better speed at a lower rpm

  • a better fuel consumption

  • a very low drag when sailing

  • a real reverse and a very reduced stopping distance

  • a very significant reduction in pitch effect

Principal's website

It is also the most environmentally friendly propeller, as it offers optimised efficiency in all sailing conditions.

It is definitely the best propeller for sailing boats.

Find Autoprop on the official website.

We also distribute anodes for Autoprop and Varifold propellers in France.

Install an Autoprop on a shaft line

Install an Autoprop on a saildrive (we can see the installation from the 3rd minute)


Download the bilingual English/French version of the operating and maintenance guides