Hatecke lifeboats and davits

HATECKE GmbH is a manufacturer of lifeboats. All boats and equipment comply with the IMO LSA. All boats are supplied with their own launching system. HATECKE GmbH supplies a wide range of boats:

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  • Freefall lifeboat
  • Fully enclosed craft
  • Semi-enclosed boat
  • Tender boats

Hatecke GmbH is a leading manufacturer of lifeboats.

Our range of free-fall lifeboats includes offshore and cargo versions. All types are also available in tanker versions. The range starts with less than 5m for 12 people and goes up to 9.8m in length for 50 people. The boats are currently tested for installation heights of up to 24m.

Hatecke offers various types of conventional lifeboats for capacities ranging from 25 to 80 persons. Of course, all boats can be supplied with suitable davit solutions.

We supply high quality semi-enclosed lifeboats for capacities ranging from 62 to over 460 persons.

Special requirements, such as low temperature Polar Code lifeboats for cruise ships or yachts, are also part of our equipment range.

We offer the shortest combined lifeboat and rescue boat on the market with a capacity of 150 persons, which can also be installed with a suitable Hatecke davit system.

Hatecke offers different types of tender lifeboats for capacities ranging from 150 to over 270 persons.

The PL 7.6, pictured on the right, is our latest development. It is a lifeboat and rescue boat with a capacity of 38 persons.

All boats are custom-built and a wide range of equipment is available to enable our customers to enjoy their cruising experience to the full, even during assistance operations.