Bruntons Propellers / Stone Marine

Our principals Bruntons Propellers and Stone Marine are specialists in the design and manufacture of shaft lines and propellers. Here are their brands and products:

1. propellers and couplings for pleasure craft

AUTOPROP propellers with self-varying pitch and feathering for sailboats from 30 to 60 feet, available in two- and three-blade versions.

VARIFOLD four-blade folding propellers designed for custom sailboats over 60 feet. Anodes and parts for these 2 ranges of propellers.

SIGMADRIVE homokinetic couplings to eliminate nuisance, noise and vibration due to propeller shaft misalignment.


2. Fixed pitch propellers and shaft lines

For large vessels, Stone Marine Propulsion designs and manufactures complete shaft line and fixed pitch propeller assemblies up to 100+ tons.