Red Rock marine cranes and davits

Red Rock is based in Norway and specialises in the design and manufacture of davits and cranes for ships.

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Marine cranes


The RCS (straight boom below) and RCK (articulated boom opposite) cranes are intended for general shipboard service.


Robust and reliable, they are tailor-made – boom length, capacity – to suit the operating conditions encountered at sea.

All Red Rock cranes are fully equipped as standard, but can be fitted with additional accessories to meet specific operating requirements.

Compensated cranes are intended for ship-to-ship, ship-to-fixed and subsea operations.

The unique 3D system is particularly effective for MRE implementation operations.


Red Rock cranes are approved by the major classification societies.

Davits for tender boats and Solas lifeboats.

The RDA 20 to 60 davits are designed for the handling of Fast Rescue Boats (FRC) and lifeboats for the marine and offshore industries.

The RDA 60 to 150 davits are equipped with a contact head for full-contact handling of lifeboats and tenders.


RDT telescopic davits have been developed for the handling of FRBs, tenders and service equipment for the marine and offshore industries. The RDT range is specifically designed to be mounted in recessed spaces.


Red Rock davits are reliable, efficient and quick to install. They offer optimised maintenance and service procedures and are SOLAS approved.