Combimac special electric motors and industrial fans

COMBIMAC supplies various types of special motors and fans.

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  • synchronous and asynchronous AC motors

  • single-phase AC motors

  • direct current motors

  • non-magnetic motors

  • compensated magnetic field motors

  • submerged and submerged motors

  • seawater cooled motors

  • permanent magnet motors

This range can be declined according to :

  • shock constraints
  • ATEX constraints
  • noise and vibration constraints




COMBIMAC has developed a range of specific fans:

  • Centrifugal fans

  • Axial fans

  • Circulation fans

  • Conveyor fans

  • Portable fans

They are available in various materials to meet specific requirements:

  • Cast iron

  • Aluminium

  • Cast aluminium

  • Stainless steel

  • Steel

  • Non-ferrous materials

Applications :

  • High pressure, low flow fan

  • Fully gas-tight fan

  • ATEX fan

  • High temperature fan 800°C

  • Portable fan

COMBIMAC fans can be found in the following types of applications:

  • Industrial chimney
  • BIOGAS system
  • Industrial boiler
  • Lime injection system
  • Waste treatment system