Industrial/ATEX/Subsea Euroswitch proximity sensors

The proximity and physical sensors for applications in extreme environments, underwater and ATEX zones have all the national and international certifications to operate in these environments:

Oil & Gas / Renewable energies / Industry / Mining / Nuclear / Defense / Power generation / Transportation
Nuclear / Defense / Power generation / Transportation

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Ferro-inductive or magnetic sensors act as position detection on elements such as :

  • cylinders, arms, doors, airlocks
  • offshore connections and transfers
  • terminal equipment and Oil & Gas lines


The information is used thanks to several possibilities of contactor outputs and connections.

The engineering department offers customized solutions for all types of applications.

Euroswitch offers compact and reliable solutions thanks to the optimization of components and supports.


FS SERIES: ferro-inductive proximity switch

  • Robust and proven ferro-inductive technology for critical proximity or limit switch applications.
  • Capable of detecting ferrous material up to 2.5mm (cylindrical series). Detection range can be extended by using a magnetic target.
  • Rectangular option available with a sensing range up to 10mm.
  • Wide variety of housings (and materials) including wired, industrial or underwater connectors and our unique wirable head.
  • SIL 3 safety integration level.
  • Extreme operating temperature range of -60°C to +204°C.
  • Working pressure capability up to 690 bar.
  • ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to operate in sensitive environments.

ES SERIES: magnetic proximity switch

  • This line of proximity or limit switches offers an economical solution when a magnetic target can be installed.
  • Cylindrical or rectangular bodies allow for side or end detection options.
  • Certified for the full range of standard hazard areas. Multiple certification options available.
  • Detection range dependent on magnet used.
  • SIL 3 safety integration level
  • Wide variety of housings including hardwired, industrial connectors and our unique cable head.

Physical sensors

Euroswitch’s flagship products, proximity sensors, are complemented by a range of physical sensors developed with the same concern for robustness, reliability and certified operation in hazardous areas: flow switch, level switch…


Replacement items: since the acquisition of Sigma Controls Maglock by Rockwell Automation – Allen Bradley Group – some items may be difficult to obtain. We have in catalog or in preparation the direct replacement of the following references: MPS 24 – MPS 26 – MPS 34 – MPS 36 – ES 24 – ES 34 – ES 44 as well as MPS 3 – MPS 12 – MPS 14 and MPS 16.