Sigmadrive constant velocity couplings – CV joint

The SigmaDrive is an innovating transmission equipment, serving both as an engine/shaft coupling and as a thrust bearing, allowing for a 3° misalignment of the shaft in all directions, and thus significantly reducing noise and vibrations.

During their lifecyle, the elements of a propeller shaft may loosen and misalign, due to a number of reasons, like elastic suspension wear for example, making it particularly difficult to set up and maintain perfect shaft alignment over time.

example of noisy operation

example of silent operation

Designed to absorb significant loads, SigmaDrive is suitable for engines up to 1,300hp and for shaft lines from 25mm to 90mm in diameter. Larger units may be specified upon request.

  • Lifetime lubrication: no need for any particular maintenance and thrust bearings are no longer needed
  • No rubber: materials are specially suited for marine use
  • Perfect alignment: up to 6° tolerance and suitable for V drives. Once installed, the shaft is always perfectly aligned with seals and bearings, allowing for longer wear life for all components.
  • Fast and easy setup: SigmaDrive is a compact coupling and can be fitted without changing the shaft
  • Significant comfort improvement: 80% of shaft vibrations and 50% of shaft noise are eliminated



Read all about the SigmaDrive                                                                see a video made by a customer on youtube