Autoprop – self-pitching propellers

The Bruntons Autoprop is the only self-pitching propeller: The pitch changes according to the engine RPMs and the boat speed. 

Autoprop feathered

Autoprop deployed

You will achieve:

  • a higher speed/RPM ratio
  • a lower fuel consumption
  • lower hydrodynamic drag in feathered position while sailing
  • a true reverse and a greatly reduced stopping distance
  • negligible propeller walk

It is also the most environmentally-friendly propeller, because the propeller always delivers optimal pitch and thrust whatever the sailing conditions, thus enabling one to achieve target speeds at lower RPMs. Read all about Autoprop on the official website As distributors for Bruntons in France, we also have spares on stock, including anodes for Autoprops and Varifolds.

Fitting an Autoprop to a propeller shaft:
Fitting an Autoprop to a saildrive: