Marine Evacuation Systems LSA Liferaft System Australia

Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) was formed specifically for the design and manufacture of high quality Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) and large capacity liferafts.
LSA now manufactures a wide range of inflatable MES and large capacity liferafts for all types of passenger vessels, including conventional ferries, high speed craft, cruise ships and military vessels.
The LSA objective is to provide a product that is synonymous with quality and reliability, which is of paramount importance in the marine safety industry.
Products :

The Liferaft Systems Australia (LSA) Marine Evacuation System, which delivers passengers and crew, dry shod, directly into liferafts, has proven to be the safest and most effective means of marine evacuation. The LSA Marine Evacuation System (MES) is the only approved system in the world, which evacuates passengers and crew directly from the vessel into large capacity liferafts via an inclined evacuation slide, without the use of a boarding ramp of any type. The system also has the unique capability of recovering passengers back on board in a rescue situation. Training staff to handle deployment of the LSA MES is fast and simple, and only one person is required for its operation. Additional large capacity liferafts can be deployed in conjunction (or linked) with the MES, which allows for the effective capacity of the MES to be increased, as required. Finally, as the LSA MES is much lighter and more compact than comparable systems, there are many advantages for the shipbuilder and ship operator in terms of weight saving and deck space utilisation.