Special electric motors and fans Combimac

COMBIMAC is a Dutch independent company specialized special electric motors and industrial fans. Meeting special requirements with tailored designs and by applying a thorough quality control procedure throughout the production stage, COMBIMAC has earned its position as a specialty market leader. COMBIMAC’s main product is a range of special electric motors:

Brake motor Winches, elevators, radar equipment, bow thrusters
 DC motor (plugged into a battery with a low noise level) Bilge pumps
 High-speed electric motor Up to 50,000 RPM, 150KW
 Low magnetic field or strayfield compensated motor fitted aboard ships that require low magnetic or acoustic signature, including minehunters
 Permanent magnetic field motor for high torque requirements at low speeds
 Submersible motor typically fitted on deep well dredgers and sewage pumps with continued submerged operation

Combimac motors are available with the following features:

  • Synchronous, asynchronous or single phase AC supply
  • freshwater, seawater or oil cooling
  • Shock protection up to 300g
  • Flameproof (ATEX)
  • Increased safety (ATEX)
  • Non-sparking (ATEX)
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Up to IEC frame size 450

 COMBIMAC both design and manufacture their own wide range of industrial fans, including:

  • centrifugal fans
  • axial fans
  • circulation fans
  • material handling fans
  • transportable fans
 In order to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, COMBIMAC can offer fans manufactured from the following materials:

  • cast iron
  • cast aluminium
  • aluminium
  • stainless steel
  • sheet steel
  • non-ferro materials
  • exotic materials

  • high pressure – low flow
  • gas tight
  • increased safety – ATEX 94/9
  • high temperatures up to 800°C
  • portable
 COMBIMAC offers fan equipment and fans systems suited for the following applications:

  • industrial furnaces
  • biogas installations
  • boiler installations
  • lime injection systems
  • yarn waste processing

Read all about COMBIMAC on www.combimac.nl