Thordon self-lubricating industrial bearings


The tailor-made Thordon Bearings are designed to replace the greased metallic bearings. Their exceptional abrasion wear resistance make them ideal for the most hard applications like works in dusty and abrasive environments or immerged / semi-immerged uses.

Self-lubricated operating dry, or water lubricated, they cancel the pollution risks and notably reduce the maintenance costs, offering a lifetime higher than the other materials used as bearing bushes.

Their installation on new equipment allow also to simplify the hinges and assemblies design by removing the expensive greasing systems. Thus, the manufacturers and OEM can offer environment friendly and more reliable machines to their customers, while asking them less maintenance requirement.


Thordon solutions: a modern, reliable and efficient response to the industrial bearings problems.


Water treatment

For water treatment plant or any other industrial process using water, Thordon Bearings have been developed to offer an exceptional abrasion wear resistance.

Locks gates & valves

Immerged or not, Thordon materials have proven their qualities for waterways applications: greasing removal, lifetime increasing, dimensional stability.


Thordon Bearings allow to create a simplified design and to remove the hinges greasing requirements on building, operations and loading machineries.


We can find Thordon Bearings on many applications in the field of transportation, like self-lubricating bushes for hinges and pulleys for trucks and special vehicles.

Bulk & food process

Either for food process or for bulk products handling, Thordon Bearings offers zero pollution solutions saving money on the maintenance costs.

Mines & quarries

Thordon Bearings are used in dusty abrasive sites, without greasing. They offer a greater lifetime than the other bearings types an materials.

Self-aligning bearing

The self aliging bearings are used for example on the head actuators. They are easy to install and replace without having to disassembly the housing.

Wood and paper

Extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion, the Thordon Bearings are particularly suitable for forest engines, sawmill machines and paper mill devices.