HAELOK metal press fittings for gas and high pressure pipingHAELOK raccords pression métalliques pour les conduites haute pression et gaz

 Pure metal-to-metal press connection (no gasket) No welding, no screwing +600bar pressure tested, IACS certified -55°C to +400°C 12.0mm – 168.3 mm (DIN/ANSI)

 10 reasons to use Haelok press fitings: Cost and time:

  • No need for certified labour
  • No expensive seamless pipes needed
  • No consumables, no welding rods, no gas
  • No X-Ray inspections or tempering of welding seams


  • No open flame
  • No assembly errors
  • No significant hazards

Ease of installation:

  • Pressing is done in less than a minute
  • Works in very small spaces
  • No additional installation infrastructure


Step 1: cut the pipe 
Step 2: insert the pipe
Step 3: attach the Press-Tool
Step 4: press for a few seconds
Done – the perfect fit

For more information, please visit HAELOK’s own website here.