Euroswitch Proximity Ferro-sensing Switches

   Euroswitch is a manufacture of high quality instrumentation and ferro-sensing products for harshest environments, submarine and ATEX applications. They have obtained the certification for numerous national and worldwide protection standards to operate in these environments. Euroswitch was formed in 1994 with its parent company Longvale (UK) established in 1986.
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Proximity switches, ferrous sensing or magnetically actuated, operate as position/limit detectors for material as:

actuators, arms, doors and airlocks

Offshore connection and loading devices

Oil & Gas terminal and pipeline equipment

The information is transmitted through several possibilities of contacts and cable connections.

The Engineering department offers tailor-made solutions for any kind of application.


FS Series : Proximity Switch – Ferrous Sensing

  • Robust & proven Ferroswitch technology for critical proximity / limit switch applications.
  • Able to sense ferrous material at up to 2.5mm (Cylindrical Series). Increased sensing range available with magnetic target.
  • Rectangular options available with a sensing range up to 10mm.
  • Wide variety of housing styles (and materials) including cabled, industrial or subseaconnector and our unique Wireable connection head.
  • Safety Integration Level SIL 3 rated.
  • Extreme working temperature range from -60°C to +204°C.
  • Working load capacity until 690 bars.
  • ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) allowing to operate in sensitive areas.

ES Series : Proximity Switch – Magnetically Actuated

  • Proximity / limit switch range provides cost effective solution where a magnetic target can be mounted.
  • Cylindrical and rectangular body styles provide end and side sensing options.
  • Certified to Global hazardous area standards –Multi-certified options available.
  • Sensing range dependant on magnet used.
  • Safety Integration Level SIL 3 rated
  • Wide variety of housing styles including cabled, industrial connector and our unique Wireable connection head.
Lead products of Euroswitch, the proximity switches are completed with a range of instrumentation and sensing products. Designed and built with the same level of requirement, they offer robustness, reliability and certification to operate in hazardous areas.