Hydro Group offshore & subsea cables and connectors

Hydro Group has specialised and innovated since 1982 in marine connectivity. They design and manufacture composite cables, connectors and subsea penetrators for the oil & gas industry, ROVs, defense and renewable marine energy production.

The HYDROBOND division’s range of connectors, penetrators, assemblies and terminations:

  • Submarine Pressure Hull Glands
  • NPT/UNF thread, DDC digital and fiberoptic penetrators
  • Deck Mateable, Underwater Mateable, & Non Magnetic connectors
  • Optical, Kevlar, Wire Armour, Hybrid Connectors terminations
  • Moulding Polyurethane (P.U), Polyethylene (P.E), P.V.C., Hytrel, Neoprene offshore installation and terminations
  • Miniature connectors
  • CE/ATEX EExd zone 1 rated connectors
  • Sensors
  • Junction boxes
  • Cable Termination & Moulding
  • Moulding kits
  • Pressures up to 10,000psi (6,869MSW or 689bar)
  • HRC renewable energy connectors up to 36kV
The HYDROCABLE division’s range of cables:

  • fiber optics
  • power cables
  • high and low voltage cables
  • Diver communications
  • ROV umbilicals and tethers
  • Instrumentation, Cat 5 and MiniTV
  • Flat power cables
  • Inspection cables with link rods
  • Push rod cables
  • Halogen-free cables
  • Armoured cables
  • Positive, negative or neutral buoyancy cables
  • Waterblocking cables
  • Kevlar strain cables
  • Docking and Towing cable arrays
  • Range cables
  • Towed sonar cables
  • Thin wall conductor cables
  • Welding cables
  • Pproduction and completion control cables
  • Polyurethane expanded cables


Offshore: Military: Renewable marine energy:

Range of cables:

ROV tether Armoured cable Strain cable Composite cable
Fiberoptic cable Flat power cable High voltage cable Range cable

Range of connectors & penetrators HRS wet-mate rubber-sealing connectors HDM dry-mate metal-keyed connectors HDM fiberoptic dry-mate metal-keyed connectors HRC LOOPBACK connectors for renewable energy production HPS penetrators HPS fiberoptic penetrators Read more about it on www.hydrogroupplc.com.