Bearings for hydraulic turbines

With over 25 years experience supplying bearings for main shaft guide, pump, wicket gate, operating mechanisms and radial shaft seals, Thordon is the proven choice for performance and value in reconditionned and new turbine projects. These bearings offer long wear life, low friction, high abrasion resistance, grease- and oil-free operation, all backed by customer support from design through commissioning to provide customers with bearing solutions that meet or exceed their requirements. With worldwide installations ranging from micro-turbines to units with main shafts up to 2.30m in diameter, Thordon provides a proven alternative to grease- and oil-lubricated bearings.


Main guide bearings Thordon Bearings recommends two bearing grades for use in water-lubricated turbine main guide bearings: • Thordon SXL offers the lowest coefficient of friction, superior adhesive wearlife and good abrasive wearlife • Thordon GM2401 is an elastomer journal surface specially formulated for best-in-class abrasive wearlife, routinely outlasting rubber bearings by a factor of two or more, yet still exhibiting a significantly lower coefficient of friction compared to rubber.





Wicket gate, linkage, turbine runner blade trunnions and operating mechanisms • Thordon ThorPlas is well suited for wet or dry oscillating applications . It is a proprietary crystalline thermoplastic that can be installed as a full-form product, without a carrier, to meet the typical pressure requirements. ThorPlas demonstrates very low wear and acceptable friction levels. If a full-form bearing is preferred, ThorPlas is the clear choice for performance and value. • Thordon HPSXL-TRAXL, or HPSXL on small machines, bearings are suitable for lower pressures and are recommended for use in wicket gate and linkage bearing systems. HPSXL is a proprietary elastomer with enhanced friction and lengthened wearlife, capable of operating in either wet or dry conditions. Simulation tests rank HPSXL-TRAXL as the best performer in linkage and wicket gate applications; It features the HPSXL journal surface material but is supplied in a metallic carrier in order to meet very high pressure requirements.



Segmented shaft seals Sealing large hydro turbine shafts from 0.4m to over 2m in diameter can be a maintenance challenge for power plant operators. Turbine seals usually consist of two or three stacked sets of segmented carbon rings that can be difficult to install without breakage and can be subject to relatively short life if misaligned or operating in abrasive water. Since its first shaft seal installation in 1982 at the Manapouri Power Station in New Zealand, Thordon Bearings has achieved a strong track record in installing segmented shaft seals. Since 2003, Thordon uses an optimized shaft seal design using its SXL material. SXL is a tough proprietary elastomeric alloy offering ease of installation, high abrasion resistance and good sealing performance.