Bruntons acquires SigmaDrive

PRESS RELEASE – January 17th, 2014
Bruntons Propellers have purchased the worldwide manufacturing and marketing rights to the SigmaDrive; a highly innovative transmission device for yachts and workboats which serves as both an engine/shaft coupling and as a thrust bearing. The agreement was signed at the London Boat Show.
The SigmaDrive can cope with a 4 degree misalignment of the vessels shaft in all directions, 8 degrees in total, and therefore significantly reduces noise and vibrations. Its designer, Stefano Cova, who will continue to work with Bruntons, started the design process with a clean sheet of paper resulting in a system incorporating the very latest thinking and technology. Its many benefits over existing products of a similar nature have already seen it win the Marine Equipment, Electronics and Materials category of the Seawork Innovation Awards in 2011.

Adrian Miles, the Managing Director of Bruntons Propellers is very clear about the opportunities presented by his company’s purchase of Sigmadrive. “It is the perfect complimentary piece of equipment for all our sailing and fixed bladed propellers. They are already highly regarded for their low noise and vibration characteristics’ and with Sigmadrive we will reduce those annoyances to negligible figures.”
SigmaDrives will, of course, be available to those using other than Bruntons propellers and one look at the products benefits can only mean that it will be very well received. Fitting could not be simpler as the unit replaces the standard shaft coupling allowing fitting, without changes, to the vessels prop shaft. Once installed the unit ensures that seals and bearings are always perfectly aligned reducing wear and ensuring a longer trouble free life for all associated components. The SigmaDrive unit itself is manufactured from a special bronze alloy, with no rubber or bearings included in its construction, giving a low maintenance product which will have a very long service life.
Apart from conventionally driven vessels SigmaDrives are available that will give excellent results with water jets and pod drives, and it is the only equipment of its type which will work with V drive gearboxes. Standard models are available for vessels with engines from just 10hp to 1300hp and custom built versions for craft with larger engines can also be ordered.
Original or retro fit, the SigmaDrive promises a quieter and much smoother life on board to those whose vessels are fitted with it.
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