SPX APV plate heat exchangers

  SPX offers a wide range of heat exchangers suitable for maritime applications, from compact 200kW installations to the largest engines in excess of 100,000kW, including: • main and auxiliary engine coolers (central or jacket coolers) • lubricating oil coolers and pre-heaters (including camshafts) • tank heaters • MDO/MGO coolers and heaters • heat recovery units Designed for maximum thermal efficiency, reliability and minimal footprint, SPX heat exchangers will optimize energy requirements, as well as reduce downtime and costs. 

 Technology SPX APV supplies a range of standard heat exchangers including gasketed, semiwelded and fully welded plate heat exchangers, as well as fully custom-tailered units in any size: from small compact units to high-capacity heavy-duty systems. They can be manufactured from standard and special materials that can endure most media and meet challenging heat transfer requirements.

Graduated distribution area Optimal distribution of media across plates maximize thermal performance and minimize required surface area



 Cornerlock system • Perfect plate alignment providing superior plate pack stiffness • Thinner and more efficient plates without compromising mechanical strength


 EasyClip system Paired plates are equipped with bevelled EasyClip gaskets, a system petented by APV, which fasten to the plates and interlock between plates without glue. This system maintains the pairs together, insuring sealing between plates. The are installed and uninstalled by hand, making them easy to maintain.


 Integrated in-line filters For systems cooled by sea water, SPX APV heat exchangers can be fitted with in-line filters en-ligne to prevent sea shells, sea weeds and sludge from entering the coolant. The strainer can be inserted and removed on the other side of the chassis’ sea water inlet port, behind a removable blind flange cover. The length of the filter depends on the number of plates.

 Main features: • design pressure: 0bar to 25bar • operating temperature: -35°C to 250°C • heat transfer area: Up to 3,200m² • optimized plate designs for maximum heat recovery rates • compact footprint for space and weight savings • easy maintenance reducing service downtime and spare parts costs



 Benefits of Using APV Heat Exchangers: • efficient, reliable and long lasting in all conditions • in-line seawater filters available for simpler maintenance and shorter cleaning downtime • worldwide network of SPX service centers near all major ports to ensure immediate emergency support


For MDO/MGO fuel heat exchangers cooled by sea water, SPX has designed the DuoSafety plates: In this system, two thin-corrugated plates forming a pair are pressed together on a gasket that acts as the seal and maintains the two plates together. If a leak were to occur (from corrosion, or ageing of seals), it would be discharged immediately in the space between the two plates, preventing any cross-contamination between the hot and cold fluids. Forcing the leak to the atmosphere outside of the heat exchanger provides an immediate visual feedback, indicating that preventive action must be taken. • 100% visual inspection • no welds, no glue: easy installation and dismantling for thorough cleaning • available for systems up to 350 m³ per hour.